November 6, 2014

A Gift from the Children of Syria to the World

SAMS is honored we were able to support this inspiring art installation created by Syrian refugee children living in the Zaatari Camp, that was displayed on the National Mall in Washington, DC! 
This 1,760 foot art installation, entitled “Peace and Hope”, reached over 10,000 people and will continue to connect with more audiences as the canvas travels around the United States.  

The non-political art exhibit was a cultural diplomacy initiative aimed at educating the public about the plight of Syrian children and youth. “Peace & Hope” shared firsthand stories of Syrian children impacted by over 3 years of conflict that has left millions displaced and in need of lifesaving assistance. The drawings tell stories of hope, of despair, of innocence, of peace, of love, and of devastation.



SAMS was able to participate as a supporting partner, alongside Beats, Rhymes & Relief and other humanitarian organizations such as UNHCR, UN Foundation, International Medical Corps, Physicians for Human Rights, and many more. The art exhibit is part of a larger #RestoreHappy public awareness campaign to humanize the plight of Syrian Refugee and advocate for the support of education and mental health programs. SAMS is looking forward to continuing this wonderful public outreach programming to bring the stories of every day Syrian citizens into the spotlight.

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