December 10, 2014

maxi-mission-lebanonIn late September, SAMS was honored to be able to collaborate with the Palestinian Children Relief Fund (PCRF) in order to bring specialized care to those in need at the Safad Hospital of the Badawi refugee camp in Lebanon. Over the course of medical mission, the doctors were able to screen 42 cases, 15 of which were recommended for surgery.
Patient ages ranged from as young as 7 months to 54 years old. Surgeries treated a number of conditions, including primary lip repair labioplasties, mandibular reconstruction, and primary palatoplasties. Doctors were able to perform 15 surgeries in 3 days, and are making plans for continued missions to the area in order to reach as many Syrian refugees as possible.
This mission took place over four days, from September 22 through the 26, and was carried out by a team consisting of SAMS anesthesiologist, Dr. Yaser Wafai, the head of PCRF Medical Advisory board, Dr. Khaled Abughazaleh, Dr. Fernando Sandoval from Ecuador, and Dr. Vincent Joseph Chakhtoura from South Africa. This wonderful team is dedicated to helping all children in need SAMS hopes to expand this collaboration in order to continue these valuable medical missions.

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