January 8, 2015

NewProjectsTowards the end of 2014 SAMS worked very hard to bring different help and programming to those in need both inside Syria and in neighboring countries. With winter coming, Syrians are in need of much support. We are  proud to announce the launch of the following projects during the last three months of 2014 and look forward to their growth in the new year!

1. Participation in the first phase of cross-border aid as a partner with UNICEF and other UN agencies.

2. Sponsorship of an intensive six month course in nursing for 60 students in Aleppo under the supervision of 3 experienced nursing instructors and 20 physicians and surgeons who are currently employed in SAMS supported medical facilities and hospitals

3. Received from the International Diabetes Foundation over 13,000 ampules of insulin from the International Diabetes Foundation and started the distribution to 4 diabetes centers in the Idlib

governorate for the treatment of diabetic youth.

4. Established a new blood bank center in northern Syria that services 7 field hospitals and is working with partners to standardize donors/recipients lists.

5. Opened a new Maternal, Child and Birth Center in the coastal region. SAMS previously established 3 similar centers in southern Syria and Damascus suburbs.

6. Added a dental clinic with 5 dental care providers to SAMS polyclinic in Zaatari Camp in Jordan. This clinic had over 1,500 visits the first month of its opening.

7. Began sponsoring a psychosocial support and development program for the refugees in Lebanon, focusing on mothers, children, victims of violence, and the elderly. This programming was in collaboration with the International Institute for Psychological Development, an organization that worked with refugees of the Bosnian war.

8. Partnering with the Palestinian Children’s Relief Foundation to send members on volunteer missions to provide specialized care in the Red Crescent Hospitals in Lebanon to those in need.

Thanks to all who are helping with their time, expertise, or donations. SAMS could not have done it without your dedication, commitment and generosity.