January 12, 2015

Circle_LogoIt has been four years since we started this journey together. It has been a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. With your support, SAMS has transformed from a small, ethnic-based organization to one of the leading medical relief and advocacy organizations involved in the Syria crisis. SAMS has impacted the lives of countless Syrians through its programming inside Syria and in its neighboring refugee-host countries.

Our support of hospitals, birth centers, ICUs, dialysis units, dental clinics, and psychosocial programs provide the healthcare Syrians deserve, while empowering the brave medical personnel who continue to work for humanity while risking their own lives.

In only 4 years, our budget grew from $100,000 to $25 million and our staff from 1 to 70 in five different countries. Our chapters grew from 2 to 15, our members from 150 to 515, and our donor base grew from 60 to 4376. Our presence on social media has grown to over 70,000 facebook followers and over 2,400 twitter followers. SAMS had significant presence in the media this year, with sightings from major media outlets, such as the New York Times and NBC. Finally, SAMS continues to establish and nurture strategic partnerships with national and global players in order to coordinate best responses to needs in Syria. SAMS advocacy tackled a wide range of issues related to our humanitarian work. We have influenced policies impacting Syrian refugees, healthcare professionals, humanitarian aid, access to aid, protection of doctors and many other issues at the national, UN, and international NGO levels.

We are now preparing for our 4th National Conference from February 13-15 in the sunny and beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. Be sure to register here!

I urge you to join us at the conference. Connect with your friends, enjoy the family program and networking, update your knowledge on relevant issues, and be inspired by stories of heroism, selflessness and humanitarianism.

Finally, I wish to extend a sincere thank you for all our accomplishments so far, and look to 2015 with a hopeful outlook for the future with the help of our amazing members, donors, and supporters.

Join the noble mission of SAMS and help save lives.

See you in Scottsdale.


Dr. Zaher Sahloul
President, Syrian American Medical Society