December 8, 2016

I was so happy when I got accepted at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology after taking the entrance exam, thanks to SAMS organization that supported us to join the medical school. Prior to that, I was confused about my study and which university I would join until I was asked to take the entrance exam and study within two weeks. I wanted to make sure that I would pass my exams and start studyDSC_3094ing, and thankfully I did.

I had not been able to wait for the day I attend the university with my whole determination and ambition. I was enthusiastic to go to Bosnia and pursue my study. It was so excited when I heard that I would join the university.

I went with my friends to the consulate to take the visas and we were so glad that it was just some days before we go to Bosnia, we told our friends in Turkey about that and they were so happy as we were about to join the university. I could not explain how happy my parents were when they knew that I was in my way to Bosnia soon. They were hoping that I would start my studies as soon as possible and adjust well to the environment there. The day before I came to Bosnia I met my friends, we were together for hours and we remembered every single moment with each other.

After that I packed my baggage and prepared myself for traveling with my friends. When we arrived at the airport, the rector and many students welcomed us. We had a little conversation with them about our hopes, study, situation and they took us to the hotel. The next morning we went to the university and we were so excited and happy to start medical school. That day was unforgettable to all of us. All the student and the doctors helped us with everything we needed, and then we walked around  the university and saw all the places there. Now after two weeks, I am still studying hard and joining all the courses and getting ready for the next exams.

Finally, I would like to thank SAMS and everyone who helped us for the great efforts they made for us to join the university.

By Abdulrahman Almoulia

Syrian Medical Student At Sarajevo School of Science and Technology