December 8, 2016

MYXJ_20161201150854_fast-1Regarding to what has been happening in Syria from massacres, continuous death and shortage of every essential need, I was feeling helpless inside myself, I couldn’t do any help to my injured people in Syria.

That was till SAMS supported me and helped me get the visa to go to Bosnia to study Medicine at “Sarajevo School of Science and Technology”, since that moment I had the hope again that I will be able to help my people inshalla. SAMS provided us material and moral support. They facilitated our visa, travel, university and accommodation in both Turkey and Bosnia..

Actually when the departure became near I felt sad for leaving Turkey as if I would leave my homeland because I used to live there and I loved its good people who help us a lot.. and that I will be farther away from my family and close friends, at the same time I was excited about living in Bosnia to begin the medical studying journey and to reach my aim.

When I said goodbye to my best friends in Turkey we promised ourselves to meet again and work together for the same aim, being successful doctors, servers for the humanity everywhere and especially in Syria, which we became away from. 

As for our trip to Bosnia, it was really tiring because there was a delay in the first transit trip to Istanbul and so that we couldn’t catch up the second one to Sarajevo and because of that we were obligated to stay a night in the airport (we couldn’t reenter Turkey again as Syrian refugees), waiting for the next day and being afraid that anything could happen and things go worse.

When we finally arrived Bosnia the next day, we were warmly welcomed by the university’s rector with the university staff and some students, we forgot that tiring trip and we realized how friendly the Bosnian people are. 

At the end I’d like to thank SAMS a lot for every good deed they are doing and we hope to be great like them and supporters to every good thing or effort. And inshalla we will do our best to be in your good trust.

By Mysoon Al-Khatib