July 25, 2019

  • Currently, more than 3 million civilians are under threat in northwest Syria, nearly half of whom are children.
  • Doctors and humanitarian workers perform their duties under constant threat of targeting, while also lacking the necessary supplies and resources.
  • Since April 26, more than 700 civilians have been killed, including 175 children and 141 women, while SAMS facilities alone have received more than 3,500 injured. In addition, more than 330,000 civilians have been displaced, 20 percent of whom have already been displaced more than once.
  • There have been 39 attacks on health facilities during this period, including 14 facilities which had previously shared their coordinated with the UN as part of a formal deconfliction system
  • The international community is failing not only to protect innocent civilians and humanitarian workers, but to provide adequate financial resources to ensure that the humanitarian needs of the people are met.
  • Without action by the international community, the situation on the ground will only continue to worsen.

This is a critical moment for U.S. leadership on the humanitarian crisis in Syria. We press Members of Congress to take action on the following:

  • Call on the Administration to prioritize immediate civilian protection in Idlib, and a commitment to upholding international humanitarian law, particularly as it relates to protection of humanitarian workers and facilities.
  • Make a floor speech about the need for U.S. leadership to resolve the Syrian humanitarian crisis. We call on all Members of Congress to make a floor speech about the humanitarian crisis in Syria, particularly in Idlib, and the urgent need for U.S. leadership in prioritizing immediate civilian protection, continued delivery of humanitarian assistance, and a renewed pursuit for a sustainable political solution to the crisis.
  • Continue to provide funds for humanitarian assistance in NW Syria. The US is the largest individual donor to the Syrian crisis, and its continued support in NW Syria is critical for providing life-saving assistance to civilians in need. Congress must continue to authorize and appropriate funds for this purpose, and should support and encourage the US governments continued leadership on Syrian humanitarian funding.
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