“And yet the helicopters come. The chop-chop-chop of their blades causes panic every time. And the barrel bombs continue to rain down, on our homes, on our schools and on our hospitals, often at a rate as high as 50 per day. Why do I stay? Because it would be strange not to: This is my city. People are being killed every day. It is my duty,” – Dr. Abdel, Aleppo

The systematic and indiscriminate targeting of healthcare workers and hospitals in Aleppo and across Syria continues with impunity. In April 2015, in partnership with The Syria Campaign, SAMS launched Medics Under Fire Campaign calling for doctors, health workers, and medical students across the world to stand with Syrian medical workers. The corresponding petition asks for medical professionals around the world to add their voice and echo the call to end barrel bombs and prioritize civilian protection in Syria. The campaign is both a show of solidarity with Syrian doctors and a call to action for the international community.

“We are pleading for help to stop the bombing and the killing of innocent civilians. Let the people of Aleppo live. Let the children be children. Let medical personnel do their job,”- SAMS’s Mohamed Abu Rajab, Aleppo

The campaign calls on you to give Syria’s heroic and selfless healthcare workers and the communities they serve a zone free from bombing to ensure their protection while risking their lives to save others. The international community has called for the bombs to stop. The resolutions are in place. They simply need to be enforced. Sign the petition here.

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