The Insulin Crisis in Syria: Overview
  • 652,800 cases of diabetes in Syria: 1 out of 10 Syrians has diabetes
  • 60% of insulin-dependent Syrians are at risk due to limited supplies
  • Treatment can cost around $40/month, but the average monthly income is $20-30.
  • As a result, 400,000 men, women and children are urgent need of insulin.
Untreated diabetes can cause:
  • Blindless
  • Kidney Failure
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Lower limb amputation
  • Death
Project Goal: Fill The Insulin Supply Gap 
  • Raise awareness of the insulin crisis
  • Raise funds to purchase and ship insulin and supplies
  • Partner with suppliers, donors, international agencies and regional and local stakeholder to cost-effectively obtain and deliver insulin and other supplies
Project Leadership

The Insulin for Syria Project leadership have extensive experience in health care and community outreach

Abdulfatah Elshaar MD, PhD, President, SAMS New England: Dr. Elshaar currently leads the SAMS New England chapter, and has been involved with SAMS for over 10 years through multiple leadership roles. He earned his MD/PhD from the Boston University School of Medicine and is a practicing internist in the suburbs of Boston, and the founder of Medical Associates of New England.

C. Richard Wobbe, PhD, Program Director: 20 years experience in pharmaceutical R&D, including development of user-friendly forms of insulin.

M. Ihsan Kaadan, MD, MS, Medical Director: Medical doctor from Syria who moved to the USA IN 2014. Currently involved in clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital. 

“There are critical shortages of insulin, anesthetics, specific antibiotics needed for intensive care, serums, intravenous fluids and other blood products and vaccines.”
– Elizabeth Hoff, WHO Representative in Syria


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