This holiday season, give the gift of health: Support conflict-impacted populations


SAMS continues to expand its operations to respond and meet growing medical needs in Syria, neighboring countries, and beyond.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has further deteriorated the humanitarian situation in northwest Syria for a population in dire need of almost a decade of conflict, putting an estimated 4 million, including 1.5 million in IDP camp, at higher risk of food insecurity, poverty, and malnourishment.

In Syria, SAMS currently operates 40 specialized facilities, working around the clock to ensure that every patient receives dignified, vital care. In neighboring countries, SAMS has established itself as one of the main humanitarian organizations that continues to fill the gap in medical provision among refugee populations.

We are in dire need of medical services in the camp. We struggle to afford the prohibitive costs of treatment. Thanks to SAMS, I was able to undergo the surgery for free. I'm forever grateful."
- Mohammed Ayach, 62,
Resident of Jordan's AI-Zaatari Camp

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SAMS Emergency
Response to


  • Established three COVID-19 centers to isolate and treat suspected and confirmed cases
  • Set-up separate tents outside all of SAMS facilities for triage and screening
  • Procured sufficient PPE for all medical personnel
  • Conducted ongoing training for frontline medical workers and members of the community
  • Expanded mobile clinics operations and reach to limit outpatient visits to facilities


  • Procured PPE to a number of medical facilities
  • Distributed cleaning and sanitation supplies to vulnerable Syrian families living in Gaziantep


  • Distributed masks and hand sanitizers to affected individuals
  • Procured thousands of PPE for frontline health workers
  • Conducted a awareness-raising campaign on the prevention and containment of the disease, especially among refugee populations


  • Launched an awareness campaign to help mitigate the spread of the pandemic
  • Expanded the hour of operations of our medical center in Al-Zaatari Refugee
  • Established 24/7 hotlines to respond to medical needs of beneficiaries
  • Provided financial support to the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Health to curtail the outbreak of COVID-19