This Ramadan, show your support for conflict-impacted populations in Syria and beyond.

As we prepare to celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan, let’s remember that the Syrian people need our support now more than ever. Thirteen years of conflict and the 2023 earthquake disaster have had a calamitous effect on families and children in Syria. At least 16.7 million people in Syria are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, 12 million are at risk of hunger, and 15 million need health assistance.

Help SAMS Respond

Since 2011, SAMS has been on the frontlines of the crisis in Syria, delivering more than 28 million medical services and crucial humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations in Syria, neighboring countries, and beyond.

In 2023 alone, SAMS provided more than 3.6 million medical services free of charge to people in 10 countries, including Syria, Türkiye, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Greece, Ukraine, and the USA. SAMS also led earthquake medical relief efforts inside Syria and provided emergency humanitarian and/or medical aid to vulnerable populations in Gaza, Morocco, and Libya.

During this month of good deeds and charity, we ask you to join our efforts. Please show your support for families in Syria and beyond. Make a donation today to help these vulnerable individuals receive access to the life-saving medical care they urgently need.

Your Zakat-eligible donation will help us send urgently-needed medical aid to people in Syria and beyond. You can place your trust in SAMS knowing that 93 cents out of every dollar donated in 2023 went directly to programs (preliminary data).

"This day has opened a new chapter in my life, all thanks to some truly remarkable heroes. They were more than just doctors; they felt like family. Their support and warm welcome have been invaluable. God bless them for their kindness."
- Hala, age 60, Beneficiary from Homs, Syria, who received the surgery she needed through SAMS medical mission volunteers

Your support

Let's celebrate our shared humanity by showing compassion and giving back this Ramadan!

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