Today, as the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time enters its eight year, your support is urgently needed. During this month of Ramadan, we ask you to show your support for people whose lives have been shattered by conflict and displacement. Despite all they have faced, their resilience inspires us to do more.

Your Zakat will allow SAMS to continue to:

  • Provide vital medical services to those affected by crisis, including more than 13.5 million Syrians in dire need.
  • Support medical workers inside Syria who brave bombardment to care for the sick and injured.
  • Sponsor medical facilities inside Syria, in neighboring countries, and beyond.
  • Provide specialized care to vulnerable populations, including psychosocial care and physical rehabilitation.
  • Ensure access to quality care in refugee camps and hard-to-reach areas.



Yazan, 6.

"I met this young patient, Yazan, when he came into the Emergency Department at the SAMS medical center in Al-Zaatari Refugee Camp. He was with his mother and his younger brother. He stood before us defiantly, his arms crossed, reluctant to show us the injury that had brought him in.
His mother forced him to unfold his arms and reveal the grubby bandage covering his hand. A few days before his visit, he had burned his hand while melting plastic, playing with his friends in the camp. He had a partial thickness burn.
Although I could tell that he was nervous, he was so brave when I cut the bandage off, and allowed me to gently treat the wound.
The people of Al-Zaatari have had to flee unspeakable horrors, deal with devastating loss and grief, and, at great cost, sacrifice their dreams and futures. In spite of all this, they are a people who smile through sad eyes, who are kind, and are overwhelmingly hospitable. I feel deeply humbled and inspired by their resilience, their resourcefulness, and their ability to hope in the face of despair.” -Dr. Rosanne Symons, SAMS Volunteer.

Iyas, 6 months.

"Meeting 6-month-old Iyas, and providing reconstructive surgery for his cleft lip, was undoubtedly a highlight for my brother, Dr. Salem Samra, and I. He was one of the 20 plastic surgery patients treated during the SAMS April mission to Jordan. His family fled Syria to Jordan, and now they live in a refugee camp.
Fortunately, we were able to repair his cleft lip, improving not only his appearance, but also his ability to eat and speak. A procedure like this can be life changing, yet many refugees cannot easily access the care that they need. Because of children like Iyas, my brother and I keep returning to the region on mission trips with SAMS." - Dr. Fares Samra, SAMS Volunteer.

SAMS Facility in Idlib Welcomes Quadruplets

Throughout her pregnancy, new mom Wafa was monitored by the midwife at a SAMS hospital in Idlib, receiving regular check-ups. We are happy to share that Wafa recently welcomed four healthy babies to the world! Wafa's babies were placed in the hospital's incubators to monitor their condition, and we're happy to share that they were discharged in good health. In 2017, SAMS provided 469,598 reproductive health services, and delivered more than 43,538 babies.

  • Yazan, 6.
  • Iyas, 6 months.
  • SAMS Facility in Idlib Welcomes Quadruplets