Today, we need your support more than ever to ensure vulnerable individuals have access to dignified, quality care.

In 2018, SAMS expanded its operations to new locations to meet growing medical needs worldwide, providing over 3 million medical care services to those in need in eight countries.

With every dollar you donate, 95 cents will go directly toward our medical relief programs.

Our 2018 Impact

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of our staff and commitment of our supporters, our impact continues to increase from year to year.

3 + Million

medical services

1.6+ Million

Beneficiaries in Syria alone


medical facilities


SBabies Delivered in Syria


Surgeries Performed


RH Services


MHPSS Services


Dialysis Services



Story From The Field

Our Medical Relief Work


SAMS’s psychosocial support helps Syrians affected by the ongoing conflict heal from from trauma, anxiety and depression.

Intensive & Trauma Care

SAMS doctors on the ground in Syria are on-call 24/7 to respond to urgent needs

Mobile Care

SAMS mobile care provides health care where access to quality care is limited or non-existent.

Medical Missions

SAMS leads frequent medical missions to provide high-quality, dignified care to refugees living in Syria’s neighboring countries and beyond.

Medical Education

In response to the attrition of skilled healthcare providers due to aerial threats, loss of life, and displacement, SAMS has established 6 medical institutions inside Syria.

Protecting Medical Facilities

To protect medical staff and hospitals from aerial attacks, SAMS continues to build underground and fortifies existing hospitals.

As the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time continues, we are committed now more than ever to expand our existing programs and launch new operations in new locations to reach and touch more lives.

Show your support for those whose lives have been shattered by conflict and displacement this Ramadan season.