The Syrian crisis has taken an unimaginable toll on families, who have been torn apart by violence and suffering in eastern Aleppo City, and have been forced to evacuate and leave everything behind.

Mohamed was one of the evacuated patients. He was brought to one of the SAMS-supported facilities in Idlib, along with his 6-year-old son. His family was killed in an airstrike that hit his house. His younger daughter suffered severe head injuries and was evacuated to Turkey, and he has yet to receive any news about her. Unfortunately, Mohamed’s story is one of many.

SAMS responded immediately to the emergency situation in eastern Aleppo City to provide medical care to the evacuated patients and bring comfort to these families. SAMS has deployed 2 mobile clinics to the border to treat patients as they are evacuated. SAMS supports 5 hospitals in Idlib chosen to treat evacuees, and has sent additional supplies, medication, and personnel to prepare for the influx of patients.
Thanks to your generous donations and support, SAMS will be immediately implementing these following major projects:
  • Build two underground facilities in western Aleppo, and a third one in another location;
  • Cover one month’s salary for our 150 medical personnel who were forced to leave Aleppo as they recover from the tireless work and horrific conditions they experienced while under siege;
  • Provide winterization kits, as well as fuel to ensure that critical facilities, pediatric and OBGYN centers in particular, are able to treat patients in need, in partnership with Rahma Relief Foundation;
  • Support two primary healthcare clinics in the camps that are being built to receive the overwhelming number of IDPs from eastern Aleppo City;
  • Reactivate specialty clinics in Idlib for the next 6 months; and
  • Provide employment for medical staff who were evacuated from eastern Aleppo City.

We are grateful and appreciative for all your support to help the people of Aleppo. Your donations will save lives, alleviate suffering, and make a difference.

During this holiday season, your heartfelt support reminds us all of our shared humanity.