When the conflict in Syria erupted in 2011, SAMS expanded its capacity significantly to meet the growing needs and challenges of the medical crisis. SAMS has since supported healthcare throughout Syria, sponsoring field hospitals and ambulances, training and paying the salaries of Syrian medical personnel risking their lives to save others, and sending lifesaving humanitarian aid and medical equipment to where it is needed most. SAMS also supports Syrian refugees and displaced populations in neighboring countries and beyond with specialized care. SAMS currently operates in eight countries. 

In 2016, in response to the mass influx of refugees on the shores of Europe, SAMS launched SAMS Global Response (SGR) in Greece with the aim of providing medical relief to vulnerable populations affected by crises. Since then SGR expanded its operations to provide quality medical care to vulnerable and displaced populations. 

Specialized Medical Missions:

SAMS organizes and facilitates frequent medical missions to the region, bringing together volunteers from all over the world to support ongoing medical relief programs and provide healthcare to Syrian refugees and underserved host communities. Since 2012, SAMS has led over 90 medical missions. To learn more about our medical missions and how to join, please visit us here.

Medical Services Provided:

In the different countries where we operate, SAMS provides primary and specialized medical care, including trauma, psychosocial, dental, OBGYN, dialysis, physical rehab, and more.

As new developments unfold and the situation on the ground is rapidly changing in Syria, SAMS has developed a robust mechanism to promptly and effectively respond to crises and ensure that our patients continue to have access to the dignified, quality care they need and deserve.

Aid & Equipment Delivery

SAMS supports medical facilities in Syria through the delivery of medical supplies and equipment. Using a network of warehouses in Syria and the region, SAMS is able to keep facilities stocked and ready to provide life-saving support. 


Dialysis Centers

Access to dialysis treatment is critical for patients suffering from chronic illnesses. SAMS supports dialysis centers to allow patients regular access to life-saving care.


Dental Clinics

Dental care can be difficult to find in a conflict setting. SAMS proudly provides dental care to adults and children of all ages. 


Healthcare Professional Support

SAMS provides medical personnel and health workers with salaries and ongoing training, allowing them to continue practicing medicine in Syria and support themselves and their families.


Lab & Imaging Services

SAMS supports many facilities with the machines necessary to take X-rays, perform ultrasounds, and take cardiac echocardiograms.


ICU & Trauma Care

SAMS supports trauma facilities that provide emergency care, providing critical equipment such as ventilators, monitors, defibrillators, IV pumps, and other essential consumables. 


Labs & Blood Banks

SAMS supports labs and blood banks to allow physicians to draw, test, and store blood to better support the constant flow of procedures in the field. 


Medical Education & Training

To address the gaps in healthcare provision left by shortages of medical staff, SAMS has established and supports educational programs focused on training medical personnel and providing the skills needed to save lives.

Mobile Clinics

SAMS support mobile clinics in parts of Syria to address growing medical needs of internally displaced populations stranded in informal settlements with little or no access to shelter, water, and healthcare.


Reproductive Health

Due to the lack of healthcare options available, pregnancy and childbirth have particular added challenges. SAMS supports maternity clinics that offer multilayered treatment, including OBGYN, neonatal care, pediatrics, and more.


Physical Rehabilitation

Many Syrians are coping with life after serious injury or loss of limbs. SAMS support physical rehabilitation centers to support healing and recovery for war-wounded Syrian men, women, and children.

Primary Healthcare

SAMS supports primary healthcare services for local populations as well as treatment for communicable and non-communicable diseases. 

Mental Health & Psychosocial Care

SAMS supports psychosocial programming that facilitates therapeutic healing strategies and mental wellbeing. Programs use group and individual counseling sessions as well as art and play therapy for children.

Reconstruction & Underground Facilities

SAMS invested in the reconstruction and transfer of standard medical facilities to underground structures – in basements, fortified structures, and even caves – to protect medical workers and their patients from aerial attacks.


Specialty Care

SAMS supports multiple clinics and programs in Syria that provide specialized care. These facilities bring unique treatment to Syrian civilians in need. Specialty services include gastrointestinal endoscopy services, ophthalmology clinics, cardiac catheter labs, and more.



SAMS is spearheading innovative telemedicine strategies to use the skills of physicians in the United States and abroad to assist and support doctors inside Syria. Medical personnel connect through the use of video cameras, Skype, and satellite internet to consult, advise, and support local personnel. 





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