For Immediate ReleaseSeptember 6, 2016

This morning, Alsukari neighborhood in besieged eastern Aleppo City was attacked by three barrel bombs filled with suspected chlorine gas. Initial reports recorded more than 150 casualties suffering chlorine gas inhalation, including many children and women. Victims were taken to three different hospitals. A SAMS-supported hospital in eastern Aleppo City received 36 victims of the chemical attack. Thus far, there has been one death reported, Mohammad Abdulkareem Afefa, 29.

According to a statement released by the Al-Quds Hospital, 71 victims arrived to the hospital, including 37 children and 10 women. Symptoms included dyspnea, dry coughing, and vomiting. Among the victims, 10 were critically injured, including a pregnant woman in her last trimester.

“More than 85,000 children trapped in besieged eastern Aleppo City are starved, targeted, bombed, and gassed to death while the world is standing by watching,” said Dr. Zaher Sahloul, SAMS Senior Advisor and Past President.


Today’s attack marks the 167th use of chemical weapons  in Syria since the beginning of the conflict in Syria. The systematic use of chemical weapons in Syria with impunity for perpetrators has become the “new normal.”  SAMS strongly condemns the continuous use of chemical weapons and urges the international community to act immediately to put an end to these heinous attacks, and take necessary action to enforce its own resolutions, most notably Resolutions 2118, 2209, and 2235.

 “The use chemical weapons are used is a war crime. This is now the 167th time that chemical weapons have been used in Syria over the past five years. We demand that the UN Security Council takes this seriously. In light of the recent JIM report, it is critical that the UNSC takes concrete steps to hold these perpetrators accountable. This can not be the new normal in Syria,” said Dr. Ahmad Tarakji, SAMS President.For media requests, please contact SAMS’s Media and Communications Manager, Lobna Hassairi at