For Immediate Release
October 19, 2015

Washington, DC – Russian airstrikes over the weekend targeted the only two hospitals in southern Aleppo, forcing both facilities to shut down and evacuate patients. Medical personnel on the ground are calling for the immediate supply of additional medical aid, ambulances, tents, mattresses, blankets, food, and baby milk to mitigate the effects of these illegal attacks.

Aleppo PR pic 2

The facility in the Alhader neighborhood of Aleppo, which is the largest hospital in the area, sustained a direct hit. This hospital provided vital CT, neonatal, and OB/GYN care for the local population. Several newborn infants were included in the patients evacuated from the facility. The second facility received damage from a nearby attack but no injuries have been reported. Roughly 350,000 civilians rely on these two facilities and the damage severely hinders their access to basic and life-saving medical care. 

Aleppo PR picThese Russian airstrikes have led to increased levels of displacement throughout the southern and western regions of Aleppo. Initial reports state that around 150,000 civilians have been displaced and many have been forced to sleep in cars and trucks in the open to avoid the threat of ongoing airstrikes. SAMS adds its voice to the calls of medical personnel on the ground urging the Russians to end the targeting of medical facilities and civilians. SAMS implores the U.S. and all UN Security Council members to hold all perpetrators accountable and halt airstrikes against civilians in Syria immediately.


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