In partnership with the University Jordan, SAMS is hosting a two-day symposium, “Regional to Global Transition of Refugee Mental Health Towards Resilience,” in Amman, Jordan. The Symposium will take place at the University of Jordan on July 2- 3, 2019. The symposium will feature academic institutions, governmental agencies, INGOs, and civil society organizations involved in refugees’ health. Renowned speakers will participate in panel discussion focussing on the global approach to the crisis.

The symposium will include discussions pertaining to challenges facing mental health provision for refugees. Participants will develop a strategy with recommendations geared toward a comprehensive approach to refugee mental health services that would avoid waste, duplication of services, and ensure the most efficient use of the limited resources, with a focus on long-term community-based impact. Academic professional development, funding, standardization of services and data collection are among the priorities to be addressed during the symposium. Innovative approaches to mental health education focusing on specialized and unspecialized psychosocial support capacity building are also among this symposium’s main goals with a focus on the integration of psychosocial training into major medical and nursing curricula.