In 2016, SAMS provided more than 3 million medical services, and expanded its programs to reach more Syrians and vulnerable populations.

Read about SAMS’s critical and life-saving programs in our 2016 Annual Report! 

2016 was a difficult and challenging year for SAMS. Our health workers braved besiegement, aerial attacks, and starvation, to continue caring for their communities, while our volunteers provided specialized care to displaced populations outside Syria.

In Syria, we  launched a midwifery school to provide training to safely deliver infants in resource-limited and dangerous circumstances. We expanded specialized services, including rehabilitation clinics, gastroenterology, and psychosocial programs, to ensure that patients in need receive the diverse and quality medical care they deserve. Additionally, we expanded our telemedicine program, creating connections between doctors in the United States and Syria to treat critical medical cases. This year alone, we provided 7,930 medical services via Skype and WhatsApp. We also launched SAMS Global Response to care for vulnerable refugees who have undertaken dangerous journeys in search of a safe haven for themselves and their families. This year alone we provided 325,354 health services to refugees.

SAMS continued to provide training and workshops, both in-person and online, that has trained 1,093 physicians, nurses, and technicians working inside Syria in 2016.

Our work is not done yet. In 2017, SAMS will work harder to expand even further to protect and support our health workers, ensure that civilians can access the care they deserve.