SAMS Participates in #WithSyria Campaign

SAMS joined with over 130 other NGOs to lead the #WithSyria campaign, urging world leaders to make clear that they are on the side of civilians in Syria. We called for all states to use their power to ensure that international law is respected and attacks on civilians including schools, hospitals, and shelters are stopped. The #WithSyria Coalition initially released an In Reverse video highlighting the effects of barrel bombs and a letter to all UN Security Council member states calling for accountability for indiscriminate attacks.

For the March 15th Anniversary, the #WithSyria Coalition renewed its efforts to draw world attention to the crisis in Syria. The new campaign seeks to “Turn the Lights Back On” in Syria. By changing the narrative around the conflict, we hope to motivate world leader to take action in Syria and recommend that leaders:

  1. Boost humanitarian response.
  2. Stop attacks on civilians.
  3. Prioritize a political solution with human rights at the heart.

Sign the petition today and join us in standing #WithSyria!