The SAMS Oncology Committee goals are the following:
  • Oversee pediatric and adult hematology/oncology projects of the Syrian American Medical Society
  • Be advisory entity to SAMS leadership in issues related to hematology/oncology care
  • Provide consultations for cases from Syria and its neighboring countries 
  • Provide financial support to certain cases, studied by the committee members and approved based on priorities and available resources 
  • Focus on curative diseases, adjuvant therapies, and avoid terminal illnesses 
  • Explore opportunities of grants and donations from oncological organizations and pharmaceutical companies 
  • Open doors for collaborations with cancer centers, universities and oncology organizations in the Middle East for refugees care
  • Explore partnership with international hematology/oncology societies such as: ASCO, ASH, ESMO, ASPHO in issues related to Syrian refugees medicine
  • Do research and publish studies related to hematology and oncology in Syrian patients