SAMS Medical Missions Provide Dignified Medical Care to Syrian Refugees & Underserved Local Communities

Medical Missions to the Region

SAMS organizes and facilitates medical missions to allow doctors, members, students and volunteers to participate in medical and surgical missions. Medical professionals travel to the region to support ongoing medical relief programs and provide healthcare to Syrians inside Syria as well as in refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Greece. In 2015, SAMS’s medical missions to the region served more than 11,000 Syrians refugees. Following that, in January 2016, SAMS organized its largest medical mission to Jordan to date. The mission brought 70 volunteers to multiple locations across Jordan to provide free medical, dental, and surgical care as well as free medication.

SAMS Global Response

SAMS launched SAMS Global Response (SGR) in April 2016, a global platform that seeks to provide quality healthcare to refugees and vulnerable populations by leveraging its expertise in leading and organizing medical missions in challenging environments, and its network of dedicated medical professionals. SGR focuses on addressing key urgent needs using innovation, specialized medical care and advocacy.

SGR has maintained an ongoing presence in Greece since April 2016, and in Bangladesh since September 2017. In addition, SGR has organized medical missions to respond to humanitarian crises and natural disasters in Pakistan, Egypt, and Bangladesh.