After over 140 days of siege, more than 9,500 residents of eastern Aleppo City were evacuated from the city, including 194 people in need of immediate medical attention. However, thousands of civilians are still trapped.

During this pivotal and difficult time, SAMS has been overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of support from around the world.

Here is how your generous contributions are helping the people of Aleppo:

  • SAMS has deployed two mobile clinics to the border of the city to receive patients and treat them as they are evacuated. These mobile clinics provide basic medical care and assess patients in need of additional treatment. Critical cases are being transferred to Turkey or brought to facilities with ICU and emergency capabilities.
  • SAMS has also deployed 7 ambulances to receive patients at collection points and transport them to designated hospitals.
  • Our teams have already seen evacuated patients with upper respiratory tract infections, skin diseases, and gastroenteritis; however, many have simply asked for basic necessities such as food and water, which we have provided.
  • Thus far, there have been 12 completed batches of evacuees. Among the evacuees were more than 1,400 patients in need of medical attention. More than 90 of these patients were children, including infants suffering from acute malnutrition.
  • SAMS is supporting five hospitals in Idlib that are receiving  evacuated patients of Aleppo. These medical facilities have been stocked with additional supplies, medication, and personnel to prepare for the influx of patients.

SAMS supports 150 medical personnel in Aleppo who have been safely evacuated, including our three medical staff who were injured in an airstrike a couple of days ago. SAMS is thankful for their safe evacuation.

These selfless health workers have braved bombardment to care for the injured and sick. SAMS is in awe of these brave medics who never gave up and tried to save as many people as possible despite constant targeting and limited resources. We will proudly continue to support these medical workers as they recover from months of siege, targeted attacks, traumatic events, and horrific violence. Without the unwavering determination of these brave medical workers, more lives would have been lost.

Let’s continue what we have started and show the people of Aleppo they are not forgotten. They need dignified medical care. They need food and shelter. They need protection. They have already endured so much, and it is our duty to bring some comfort to those who have now been displaced.

We must not abandon them now. Support them today.