“There are hundreds and thousands of stories like Omran’s. Omran was lucky. Other children are dead or paralyzed and their stories didn’t reach the world.” – Dr. Mohamad, SAMS physician who treated Omran.

The heartbreaking image of a stunned, bloodied five year old Omran provides a small glimpse of the horror of Aleppo. However, this is no new sight in Syria. This has become the new normal. After more than 5 years of conflict, children continue to suffer the most – whether they flee violence across the Mediterranean, or remain in Syria, forced to live under the daily bombs.

Thousands of agonizing images, videos, and stories of children in Syria never make the news. When they do, these images become their only tool to tell their story, convey their suffering, and plea for protection.

Through all of this, the brave little hearts of Syria show immense resilience.They exhibit bravery in the face of trauma, death, and violence that no child should ever have to experience.

Today, on World Humanitarian Day, we ask for all humanitarian actors to stand with us as we call for immediate action.  In the last four weeks, two children’s hospitals in Aleppo and four vaccination centers, providing immunization for children under the age of five, were targeted according to the Aleppo Health Directorate. These heinous attacks must stop. We must call for an end to attacks on children.

Although his house was completely destroyed, Omran is with his family and living with his relatives. He is now doing well. Omran is one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, many children are not as lucky.

Please consider donating to SAMS today to support the brave medics who work tirelessly to save lives of innocent children who have no other choice but to live under siege and under constant attack.