Dear SAMS members and supporters,

My name is Dr. Mohamad Katoub. I am writing to tell you about Moaz and Nawras, two infants from my hometown of East Ghouta, who need your help.

Moaz and Nawras are conjoined twins that were born on July 23, 2016 in the Zahra hospital in East Ghouta, a town that has been under siege for four years.The hospital is undersupplied and unable to provide the twins with the surgery they need to survive.  No hospital in Syria is able to provide such a surgery. The twins need immediate evacuation out of the besieged area and transfer abroad to a qualified hospital. The hospital, and the twins, are running out of options.

The case of these miracle babies tells the tragic story about access to healthcare in Syria. Throughout the crisis, medical evacuations have been subject to negotiations between the Syrian government and humanitarian actors as well as other stakeholders and armed groups in Syria. The medical needs of the patients have remained a secondary consideration.

We ask you to look at the photo of Moaz and Nawras and imagine that these children are your own. Ask yourself, what would you do to save their lives?

Last night, I spoke to the father of the twins. “I trust Dr. Bakr, the director of the Zahra hospital, and I know that both of you will do your best to save my children.” These parents have entrusted their children’s case to us. We must not let them down.

We need external pressure to evacuate them in order to get them medically examined, and explore options for separation surgery. SAMS asks you to join our call to evacuate the twins and their mother.

Share this story using the hashtag, #EvacuateTheTwins. Join me and SAMS as we call for immediate action to ensure the twins receive the surgery needed to save their lives.



Mohamad Katoub, MD

SAMS Turkey Advocacy Manager