In 2022, the most profound impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic subsided and SAMS emerged from the global health crisis stronger and wiser. In 2022, with our experience handling critically ill patients in the newly established COVID Intensive Care Units (ICUs), SAMS began an urgently-needed ICU fellowship program. We also expanded our cancer treatment programing, and launched signature programs, including a cochlear implant program at Bab AlHawa Hospital, a cardiac catheterization at Afrin and Albab hospitals, the stroke unit at Idlib Central Hospital, and much more.

With your support in 2022, SAMS provided more than 2.9 million medical services, including trauma care, surgeries, newborn deliveries, physical rehab, psychosocial support, and much more to vulnerable populations in nine countries: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Greece, Pakistan, Egypt, and Ukraine – at an average cost of just $15 per service.

Our achievements would be inconceivable without the support of our generous donors, members, volunteers, and tireless staff and medical workers. Thank you for helping us ensure that conflict-impacted populations in Syria and beyond have access to dignified, quality medical care free of charge.

Your generosity helped us achieve extraordinary results in 2022.  As we embark on new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, we ask for your continued partnership and support.