How to Fundraise on Behalf of the SAMS Foundation


Set a Fundraising Goal and a Deadline

First, choose a fundraising goal (dollar amount) that is realistic and inspires donors to help you reach it.  Choose a SAMS project you and your supporters are passionate about.  (Go to SAMS Donate page and you will see a pull-down menu for fund designations or projects.)

Choose your Platform or Venue

Would you like to host your own fundraising event at your home, school, office, college, or community center? How about a virtual Fundraiser using Zoom or another online meeting platform?

For help scheduling a Zoom meeting, please visit this Schedule a Zoom Meeting and Zoom Tutorials  At your virtual event, you would share your Facebook Fundraiser or other online fundraiser or even SAMS Donate Page.

Here are some ideas for in-person events: 

  • Informal Dinner at community center, restaurant, or house of worship; spaghetti dinner, pancake breakfast, pizza party, buffet, catered dinner at home or club house;
  • Formal Dinner; hotel, country club, banquet hall;
  • Reception; meet and greets with light refreshments, etc.;
  • Syrian Cultural Event featuring Syrian menu specialties and traditional Syrian music;
  • Seasonal event, including barbeque, ice cream social, clambakes, chili cook-off, potluck, picnic, concert, walkathon, alternative gift fare, race, sporting event, bake sale, donut sale;
  • House of Worship; weekly holy day or weekend catered community event;
  • Walk-a-Thon, Bike-a-Thon, Bowl-a-Thon, Golf Tournament, Hockey Tournament, Basketball Tournament, Soccer Tournament, Baseball Tournament, Tennis Tournament, Other Sports Tournaments, Scavenger Hunt, Amazing Race, Gym Fundraiser, Swim-a-Thon, Skate-a-Thon, Dance-a-Thon, Ski-a-Thon, Dog Walk.
Make a Plan Based on your Goal and Platform/Venue

If you hold an in-person event, enlist help from others early on.  Have your team share your event link/flyer on social media, by text message and phone.  When applicable, you may consider having entertainment, a motivational speaker or including a raffle. 

Create an online Fundraiser

Start your campaign with GoFundMeClassyFacebookInstagram etc. To create a Facebook (FB) Fundraiser, please visit Fundraise for SAMS  Facebook fundraisers are public, so anyone on or off Facebook can see them. Only people on Facebook can donate. Remember to post frequently, including your FB fundraising link. Use compelling photos with your posts and thank donors by tagging them. If your target audience does not use Facebook, consider using another platform, such as GoFundMeClassy or Instagram.

Materials For Your Fundraiser Whether it is an in-person or online fundraiser, clear, high-resolution photos and videos have a dramatic effect on fundraising success.  For in-person events, make sure you have Audio Visuals (including a laptop) to show SAMS videos and or a power point presentation. Please visit SAMS YouTube Channel to access our recent videos. Please contact SAMS fundraising department at [email protected] or 866-809-9039, Ext. 1 if you need any assistance with materials, pledge forms or hand-outs. For online fundraisers, be sure to upload new photos or videos, share on social media and text your link to friends.  Adjust your fundraising goal and deadline as needed.   Add comments to your fundraiser so that your donors can see you are truly committed to SAMS’ life-saving mission.

Enlist Help and Create a Sense of Community

Make sure you engage your followers/attendees and have enough help to hold your event.  If you are hosting an in-person event, make sure you have pledge forms and other fundraising materials.  For assistance, please contact [email protected].  You will likely need help after the event, so enlist the help of volunteers. Keep everyone aware of your fundraiser through social media.  During the event, update them on the progress of your fundraiser and how your combined efforts made a difference. 

Follow-Up After the Event

Contact SAMS Fundraising (FR) Department at [email protected] or 866-809-9039, Ext. 1 to ensure that the donations you collected reach SAMS patients.  SAMS will ensure that all donors receive acknowledgement letters and tax receipts.  SAMS FR will also be happy to send Thank You letters to any volunteers who assisted you in this process.  

We thank you for your commitment to fundraising on behalf of innocent civilians affected by the Syrian crisis and beyond. Achieving this mission would not be possible without the help of generous supporters like yourself! Thank you!

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