“The situation in Aleppo is beyond dire. We live in constant fear. People are stuck under the rubble and we can’t get to them because of the intensity of the shelling.”

Yesterday, one of SAMS’s largest hospitals in eastern Aleppo City was targeted again. This is the third attack on this hospital this week. The hospitals was severely damaged and forced to close completely. Only five hospitals in eastern Aleppo City remain operational, including five ICU beds to care for a population of 300,000 civilians, 85,000 are children.

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“The past few days have been the longest and toughest days in Aleppo. In one day, we received 180 cases, including 72 children and 36 women. Many of them were critically injured.”

The aerial bombardment campaign over Aleppo continues with intensity and impunity. In the past eight days, more than 1,700 airstrikes have killed more than 450 civilians, over 100 of them children. Aerial attacks included 19 bunker busters and 231 incendiary and cluster bombs. Since July, eight hospitals have been attacked, M10 alone has been attacked seven times.

Only 29 doctors remain in eastern Aleppo City to care for the overwhelming amount of wounded.

Support our brave medics on the ground.

There are only four to six ventilators left in the city. The continuous loss of healthcare facilities and personnel has severely diminished the already strained medical services in the besieged Aleppo.

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“We are pleading for help to stop the bombing and the killing of innocent civilians. Let the people of Aleppo live. Let the children be children. Let medical personnel do their job.”

Despite systematic and ongoing attacks on medical facilities, SAMS continues to rebuild and reinforce its hospitals to protect medical staff and patients against unrelenting attacks.

Support the brave medics of Aleppo who are braving bombardment.
These true heroes deserve our support.